air panas buat bancuh kopi kurang manis

dia meritokrasi ku filem malaysia. dia berdiri untuk gelap dan kelabu dalam terang dan jelas.

persoalan dalam otak yang kosong. sambil minum kopi panas dengan donut yang dibeli semlm, kenapa filem picisan dirai-kan seperti sebuah karya yang agung! terdetik dalam anganku yg kosong ( kosong seperti donut yg aku makan ni ) bagaimana para interlek filem negara, dipinggiran oleh sistem industri perfileman.. suara mereka sayu kedengaran kerana berada jauh dihujung kampung.. kenapa? sedih sebenarnya.

Donut dan kopi sambil menulis tentang filem.

When reviewing a film, I feel it's best to consider its main contention first. By this, I mean its "message", or the feeling, or the personal philosophy the filmmaker wanted to express. It helps to think about these things, even before you consider details like dialogue, acting or editing or camera moves.

(On your first date with someone, you'd want him to tell you how he felt about you as a person -- your sense of humour, your intellect, disposition, etc -- instead of something superficial like your teeth.)

There is a reason for this. Once you have demonstrated your awareness of the film's contention, or the feelings it wants to impart, it automatically qualifies you to judge the finer points of the film. Because then your judgment is no longer willy-nilly or based on petty preferences, but grounded on its maker's intentions.

Some film "critics", and indeed all over the world, are really mere film reviewers, and not critics at all.Comments like "beautiful pictures", "nice music", "poor acting" and "disappointing ending" may be good enough for a high-school magazine, but for a national newspaper, a film critique has to be more than that.

and i think the key is to get the emotional thought of the movie and you'll get what the makers really pointing out from the movie. you'll appreciate the movie more if you can see the emotional statement of the story

* tak sabar nak tunggu untuk memahami maksud u-wei "i cannot forget" dalam hanyut hujung tahun ni! but just a mind question - rakyat malaysia boleh ke berbangga dengan almayer's folley walaupun usaha merealisasikan 10 tahun mimpi u-wei dikotakan oleh Julia Fraser?

*sneak pick on Hanyut ( Almayers Folley )

Cebisan foto yang aku rembat dari photographer the making of Almayers Folley. Kalau dia baca blog aku, minta maaf Jo, aku pinjam keh

* photo's by Jo Ghazali


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